:; Come play with me...

:; And we can live forever...

The dreams that I hate the most are the ones where I'm lying in bed and it feels so real that I believe it is. then something slowly grabs the edge of my blanket and starts jerking it trying to take it from me. I never see what has taking a hold of my blanket but I always know that it wants to hurt me. I tremble with fear as I begin to sweat and I hold on to my blanket for dear life. Sometimes I can see an arm and it's dark, withered, and rotten. I know it wants to hurt me and I do everything I can to keep my blanket. Because somehow I know, that if it gets my blanket it's going to get me. My dream last night I did jump off with my bed and run to get a guy who supposedly was my boyfriend in the dream. He helped keep me safe from the creature under my bed. But I kept hitting the floor with my blanket almost as if I was teasing it but I was only trying to keep it at bay. Then somehow I hit something on the floor that exploded. And the thing was reaching for my blanket again. I woke up in a panic freaking out terrified. I collected my dog and held her close to my chest as I lied there for an hour feeling as if something was in the room with me watching.

I had another dream I was in a department store and everything seemed normal. At least it was normal until the dinosaursstarted coming after people. I kept trying to hide in these rooms but they always kept finding me. At one point I was in some room with a bunch of computers almost as if it was a lab. I thought I was going to be able to escape but the dinosaurs were always on my tail. It was creepy but not as creepy as the first dream.

:; And so the green goes like this...

;: Wake me up.

I had a dream that all the Dallas Stars players but three died in a building that fell on them. It was awful and I was so upset and heart broken. In my dream they built this big thing for the team so people could bring flowers and give respect to the dead. It was so hard to deal with in my dream. It took them forever to pull all the bodies out and clean up the mess. The whole time I kept trying to build the best memorial for the whole team. It was awful and I kept wanting to wake up but couldn't at some point I thought I wasn't dreaming. Even though I had powers like moving stuff and freezing things. Anyway we found out that three players lived but still so many had died and their families too because they were with them. It was upsetting but I finally woke up from the nightmare. By the way Dallas Stars are a hockey team.

:; So I give you this kiss...

:; And I give you my life...

I had a very interesting dream. I remember there being multiple houses but I can't exactly remember what was going on. I waited too long to write this dream down. What I do remember is being in this one house the kind of look like the inside of a trailer I used to be in.Collapse )

:; the dead never sleep

:; and that's why I sleep with my eyes open

2-27-18 9am

I was dreaming I was in a trailer and Cameron. Everything seems normal I think. But then it changed. I was just kind of sitting there reading a book about paparazzi. So the beginning of the stream was different and strange but I can't really remember it. So I'm just going to start from where I do. Anyway I was sitting right by a couch while a few other people set their.

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:; daydreaming of celebrities

:; because reality is sad

2-26-18 9:30am

Okay so obviously I don't really fully remember all these dreams. The first Dream I somehow got Kim Kardashian's phone and I was seeing all of her stuff. It was totally weird and exactly what you expect. Her having a bunch of naked selfies and showing off to other people. But somehow I don't know what happened but I somehow turned into Nick Jonas.

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