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27 February 2018 @ 06:36 pm
:; and that's why I sleep with my eyes open

2-27-18 9am

I was dreaming I was in a trailer and Cameron. Everything seems normal I think. But then it changed. I was just kind of sitting there reading a book about paparazzi. So the beginning of the stream was different and strange but I can't really remember it. So I'm just going to start from where I do. Anyway I was sitting right by a couch while a few other people set their.

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27 February 2018 @ 06:33 pm
:; because reality is sad

2-26-18 9:30am

Okay so obviously I don't really fully remember all these dreams. The first Dream I somehow got Kim Kardashian's phone and I was seeing all of her stuff. It was totally weird and exactly what you expect. Her having a bunch of naked selfies and showing off to other people. But somehow I don't know what happened but I somehow turned into Nick Jonas.

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27 February 2018 @ 06:31 pm
:; or drown in my sorrow.

2-19-18 9:38am

Okay I don't exactly remember how this dream started. I lied in bed too long and it started to go away. But it was a really cool.

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28 January 2018 @ 01:34 pm
:; we find the answers

1-28-18 9:27am

I'm trying to remember all from last night. The dream went from one part to another to another. So it was a bit confusing. But the parts that I do remember. So the world was really strange. Like apocalypse. But then there was also futuristic Parts also. I don't remember why I left this one part of the world for another. But I had to. My name was Creed also. The part that I went to was around these old Warehouse buildings. Apparently we can shrink to get to that world or something.

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28 January 2018 @ 01:19 pm
1-22-28 7am

I'm in Louisiana right now. Sleeping on my aunt's spare bed. Last night I had this really cool dream. I first started what look like a hotel? But may have been some sort of restaurant? The beginning is blurry. I remember some gorgeous looking people though. I think it's some point I was shopping. Everybody was dressed nice.

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16 January 2018 @ 02:28 pm
:; That caught my eye first.

So I can't really remember the beginning of this dream. But who can really remember the start? I do remember being in some weird building which was supposed to be a house but it had no walls? And I need to go to bed because I have work or something the next day. But, my parents were cooking and there were other people there too. So I decided to start taking a shower and everyone could see but I didn't care. Some lady start taking a shower with me too.

Wasn't sexual anything it was just all that no one cared there was not any walls. However the house was quite cluttered. There was a lot of random stuff. It wasn't dirty just full of stuff. I remember there was a lot of different shampoos and stuff in that little shower area which was located in the kitchen dining area. One point I had to leave.

I was driving a car to get to my grandmother's house. Which reminds me before this or the same dream I was at my other grandmother's house which one of my grandmother's was there too. And she wasn't doing well. It was pretty sad. But I remember going into one of the rooms with someone trying to leave or something? Anyway back to.

I was driving talking to my mom on the phone trying to figure out where my parents were. I pulled up into my old grandmother's house. Which is gone. I didn't see their vehicles so I was confused. My father pulled up behind me with my niece. I was happy to see her. I don't think I ever actually went to the house there. Something happened I can't really remember.

And I remember the scene changed and there was like this long pathway with old columns. And there were like shelves on the columns. Where we could put different Trinkets and gifts and foods for the heroes. It was kind of like medieval but fantasy? And they were just coming back from winning a war this or something. I was standing on top of a giant column.

Which apparently these columns had led to a fortress at some point but it was destroyed long ago. I was some sort of fairy elf creature. I changed colors but eventually just stuck to my normal skin tone long dark red hair and I had beautiful wings. I also had barely any clothes on and a sword. My clothes were like just black cloth around my private parts. But I was beautiful. I could fly around and I had magical powers.

There was a parade going on and people had different like balloons and confetti and just different things to celebrate. As we walked towards a different Kingdom or something. And on the wall we are putting all the stuff to celebrate the heroes. What a pair of the prince I had a secret relationship with. Because he didn't really like the princess he was supposed to marry. Which I found the princess on this court that was pulled and she didn't like magical creatures like me. She got upset when I took a cute looking cake candle thing to put on the mantles. So I created a new one and she knocked it off.

Because there were these carts and wagons down the path they're making stuff for us to put on the walls. Though I could create some. I remember putting candles and a lot of different pastries that actually look like little statues. Like a little dragons. It was really cool. Some taste really good too.

 I remember the princess being pissed off but I just left. I couldn't wait to see the prince because we loved each other. But something wasn't right. Something was going wrong. There was some sort of conspiracy. I think some of the humans wanted to destroy the magic. I was a high elf fairy. I wasnt a royalty but it was related to the Royal elf fairy. So I guess I was royalty just not princess.

The ending of the dream is a bit muddy because I woke up a few times. But I think somebody started fighting or something. And I was trying to figure out something that was going on. It's a blur now which is annoying. But I think would make a good book. I really wish I was a magical fairy elf.
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14 January 2018 @ 04:38 pm
you looked away

Had a dream I was living in my hometown in the trailer we used to live in before the hurricane. Seem like a normal dream. Like other dreams I've had of the trailer. Our dogs were there though. And I walked outside to see what was going on and I saw my sister and brother leaving. I kept asking them where they were going. And if I could go with them. And they kept ignoring me. They wouldn't talk to me. I was extremely sad. It was not a nice dream. I know that's not much of a dream but still. I did go back inside other things happened but I don't really remember what. I just remember the feeling of feeling extremely sad that my siblings wouldn't talk to me.

My brother and sister are in California right now. My sister and I aren't even talking. Not by my choice though. I try to talk to my brother as much as I can. But I miss them so much. And it hurts not to have my sister in my life the way I want. I miss them terribly and it's very painful.
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09 January 2018 @ 01:14 pm
Epic dream alert! Behind cut!

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13 November 2017 @ 02:41 pm
:; Yet she never saw for her eyes were shut.

Long dream! Wrote on my memo pad on phone. Ignore a misspelling are bad writing. I did it by voice to text.

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19 October 2017 @ 06:57 pm
:; they were always there... in the darkness

So, the stream was in my hometown. At a church we used to go to when I was a child. Except I was older in the dream. And I was graduating from something. But I wasn't really sure what it was. It seem like a high school graduation. We're all wearing blue gowns. Like at my GED graduation. Anyway I remember it being stormy outside. Fell the church there's a large part of it where all the pews and a service takes place. Had a big stage 2. Then there's like a second-floor in that area. Now to the left all the way in the back by the stage there's a door that leads to a small opening like a hallway and to another building that's longer.

Which goes into another part of the building that has many rooms. Then a kitchen then turns left again for extra rooms. But in the kitchen there's another door to a small area that goes upstairs and then to the left not at the stairs though there's a huge gym area.

That's the real layout which is always like that in my dream too. Anyway I remember going outside and feeling very upset because I was going to be late for work or not even show up. I kept calling them and telling them what I was doing and where I was at. And they didn't care. They said I would be written up anyway. And it was very upset and I even cried about it.

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